HE & SHE  Magazine Great mission is to bring people of the world Closer & Not to divide people. As Love, Peace & Humanity is real beauty of life. We hate who divide people and occupy other countries by use of force. We hate those who rule people of the world by divide & rule formula.War is act of terrorism, peace & security of people of the world is burning need of the present day. UN should call international peace & humanity conference world.
HE & SHE  Magazine is of best quality, magazine of international standard. As HE & SHE  Magazine can be seen on website very soon World Wide. Circulation in Pakistan includes Diplomatic mission, United Nation, Chambers of Commerce & industries, Multination Companies, International airlines, International Banks, International airlines, International Hotels, Industries Business Community, Travel Agencies, PTDC, Oil Companies, Telecom Companies, Health Sector, Education Sector, Exhibitions, Seminars, Government Ministries & Private Sector, Showing, Film Star, TV Artist, Beautician, Doctors, arts council, Electronic Media including different TV’s Channels, Architect & Interior Designers, Boutiques Dress Designers, Libraries, Tourist resorts, Foreign countries and Embassies & corporate sector and Major Book Shops in Islamabad Pakistan.
HE & SHE  Magazine has the honour to bring special Supplements on Several Foreign countries on their national days. HE & SHE  Magazine has already made special supplement on foreign country abroad.
HE & SHE  Magazine has wide range & readers including Foreign, Pakistani as well as overseas Pakistani.
HE & SHE  Magazine has the honour to be appreciated & was recommended by prestigious association and diplomatic corps as well as different chamber of commerce & industries as well as chambers, as the Magazine is related with Business, Economy, Travel, Tourism & Trade etc.
 For good response & extra mileage for Business, Advertise / Sponsor / your Product / Services as well for Special supplements, you can have your advertisement / supplement reserved well in advance for Maximum coverage and circulation.
Foreign Mission on Pakistan can project their countries in He & SHE Magazine on there national special days which will be seem on He & She magazine
The Tariff for Advertisement / sponsorship is already has been given on website.


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